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Fitness  is not the destination, it is a way of life which can be followed by taking appropriate Food Daily. Thus arrives the need for Fit Food Daily.
How it Works
Meals Program

Sample Ketogenic Menu

(  Carbohydrates Less than 20 gms )


Ghee roast chicken with veggies
Biryani made in cauliflower rice
Pizza with protein base
Keto Pav Bhaji


Blueberry smoothies
Flax crackers with dip
Pesto sauce breadsticks
Zucchini chips with dips


Keto Momos
Chicken Chilli
Reshmi kebabs
Stuffed bell pepper

Sample Balanced Meal

(  Balanced Ratio Of Complex Carbs, Proteins And Fats )


Tossed salad
Palak makai
Chicken Kolhapuri
Bajra roti


Juliane Salad
Chicken Kebab
Quinoa pulao
Healthy vegetable soup

Office Lunch Sample

Punjabi kadi
Paneer mutter
Wheat phulka
White rice

High Protein

Meal Ideal for weight training
Depending upon the requirement of the client

Meal Plans
We don’t deliver on Saturdays but we guide you what to eat and regular follow up happens for 10 days.

Incase of any changes with regards to Delivery time and place, prior intimation is required. Any changes before 3 pm is taken into consideration post that meals are charged. Usually all deliveries happens before 1 pm apart from any emergencies or changes. 






Keto Friendly Paneer Kheema With Cauliflower Rice



Blueberry Smoothie

Market place

ultra low carb flour



Low Carb Coconut Truffle

chia seed pudding

Pesto sauce

Keto Pizza base

Low carb Pizza sauce

On belief of very famous saying “Prevention is better than Cure”, Fit Food Daily has come up to serve scrumptious healthy meals at your doorstep in Mumbai. Our team of expert Nutritionist, innovative Chefs and prompt delivery men strive hard to plan, prepare and deliver the most customized meals as per your demands in the most hygienic way.

 Meals at Fit Food Daily are prepared keeping in mind individual’s health goals. We have an Inhouse Nutritionist to guide on Ketogenic Meals, High Protein Meals and Calorie based Meals. Also we have pre set Menu for each meal type and every dish is repeated once in 20 days. Thus, you get wide variety of dishes for every Meal Plan. Post preparation Meals are delivered at your doorstep across Mumbai. Both Lunch and Dinner are delivered at same time .


Ms. Swati Thampan

I used to struggle with "gymming" and running on a treadmill used to make me feel like a hamster (it still does!) Then I found Zumba classes in Powai and found my rhythm and my joy again but by then the damage was already done. I had gained 10 kgs in a span of 12 months of moving cities from Blore to Mumbai! The body was slowly giving up I wasn't able to move as lightly and I was depressed! When the one thing you love stops coming easy it breaks your heart. By August of last yr my cholesterol was through the roof! My friend from work suggested Fit Food Daily’s keto diet. 2 months of no sugar, no carbs! I am 12 kgs down 2 dress sizes down and able to dance again with just as much abandon �
I am still not at my target weight but 2018 looks super promising! Fit Food Daily’s diet is a perfect solution for all of us too busy in our lives to give good thought to nutrient composition of food. She was also consistently available every time I had doubts during weekends spent eating out with friends � Thank you Fit Food Daily for all the support and friendship thanks to you I've learnt what mindful eating is all about � on to the next 10!

Dr. Arjun Panikar

Fit Food Daily, Surely Lives Up To It's Name. It's Keto Food Starts Showing Results Within 10 Days. That Is Of course Only If You Stick To It Religiously. Speaking To Dr Heena Shah Helped Me Understand How To Change My Unhealthy Life Style Around Within Weeks. A Must Try In My Honest Opinion.?

Mr. Anuj Sahni

Well I am one of the earliest customers of Fit food daily and I continue to remain a loyal customer even after 8 months! Following the keto diet has helped me immensely, got me conscious before eating anything unhealthy and at the same time, Fit food daily’s fantastic chef ensures I don’t miss anything given their continuous innovation on dishes and a not so set pattern of menu! Thanks Fit food daily and keep up the zeal

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